Why Your Resume Isn’t Getting Noticed-

Summer is over and companies are back in hiring mode.  You feel that you have a great resume, however the question is why am I not getting any interview requests??

This article by Mary Eileen Williams conveys what you need to do for each and every (yes each and every) job you apply to.


If you’re not modifying your resume for each job you are applying to, then you’re probably not going to get any ‘hits.’  Keep in mind- whether it be HR, a hiring manager or a recruiter- these individuals get inundated with emails every day.  Make sure your relevant experience in relation to their job is clear and upfront in your resume as well as under the jobs you utilized the skill/task.  Do NOT feel that sending just a supplementary cover letter will suffice.

Yes, it is a tedious task, but it will pay off.  Keep in mind, if you are not doing this, you are putting yourself against others who are.




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