Date: Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Location: The Knights of Columbus building at Saint Rose in Newtown, CT, located at 46 Church Hill Road; behind Saint Rose church to the far left.  The building has 3 garage doors on the first floor with the meeting room upstairs.  The entrance is at the door to the left front of the building.

Contact Number: 203-270-0051

Time: Networking from 5:30-6pm with a speaker presentation starting at 6pm.  Meeting concludes at 8pm.

***Attendance to NFP meetings remains free

Speaker: Mary Ann Gontin

Topic: What’s Your Story?

Companies rarely, if ever, hire people based purely on their resume.  In fact, rarely does a company hire the most qualified person for a job- companies are made up of people, and people hire people they connect with.  Hiring managers want people on their team that they can depend on, trust and believe that they will be an asset to the team.  The only way hiring managers know that is by our stories.

In this meeting, Mary Ann will discuss four key stories everyone must be ready to share about themselves on an interview.  She will explain why they are important, how to construct the story, and have the opportunity to practice our stories.

MARY ANN GONTIN, CMF is recognized for her “sixth sense” in identifying and improving organizational and individual performance issues. Her background encompasses both corporate HR roles and her HR consulting business. She has a BA in Psychology from Montclair State University and is a Career Management Fellow.  Mary Ann has extensive success stories of her work in the talent management arena in a variety of types and sizes of organizations.  A frequent guest speaker and often quoted in the press, Mary Ann has a leadership role with OI Global Partners Inc. and invests in the community through her pro bono work.


On May 15, 2014 Mary Ann was recognized at the People of the Year Awards dinner sponsored by the Southern Connecticut Chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management.  She received the HR Consultant of the Year Award for her innovative and effective consulting work.



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