ITech Contract Consultants

Our network of consultants consists of employees and independent contractors.  This network allows us to select and provide the best, highly skilled people to fit the project at hand without being limited to on-staff employees who may or may not be available. We stay in touch with our client’s needs and the rigors of a constantly changing IT market. As the technology changes, our collection of expertise expands. We have been able to continuously extend our network of consultants because they like working with us and, in turn, refer us to other good consultants. We work closely with our consultants and provide periodic feedback on their performance.

ITech Permanent Candidates

We guide our candidates through the entire hiring process.  We provide them with interview guidelines, relevant information about the job as well as insight about the client.   Our relationship with the people we’ve placed in permanent positions continues after they have been hired by our client.  These candidates have utilized our services or referred us to other hiring managers for their staffing needs.



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