“Why Most Companies Never Hire the Perfect Person for the Job”

Great article posted by LinkedIn Influencer, Jeff Haden!


We see more and more today that companies are looking at compromising on some of the ‘plus’ skills for a job and really look for that individual who is going to be the best culture fit for the organization for the long term.

Maybe some candidates have all of the skills required on paper, but how do they mesh with the organization?  Companies want candidates who are passionate about their culture and are looking for a long term career- not just a stop along the way in their career.  With this being said; depending on the role; hiring managers are likely to select the candidate who best fits within the organization on a whole versus the one who may be better on paper.

So next time you see a job posting and think you do not have ALL of the qualifications listed, apply and see where it goes.  If you know who the client is, explain how you are a fit for their culture.  Is it a target company of yours?  Tell how passionate you are about their mission and where they are going in the future.

You may not be the perfect fit on paper, but culturally, you never know unless you try.

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