Northern Fairfield Professionals Meeting Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month

Some feedback from January:

I am excited to have “landed” after a 7 month job search. The NFP meetings have really been great. I only wish I had discovered them earlier in my job search process. Thank you John for hosting these meetings and bringing in a variety of guest speaks that help us manage some of the challenges we face during our journey.   Kristen Barlett

Some feedback from December’s event:

Great evening of inspiration and challenges by Rich Kuepper. The topics resonated with me and my journey with an upcoming career change. I enjoyed your provocative tone! What was everyone else’s experience?

Erik Granfors

From November’s Event:

I attended the November meeting with this group and have to say it was a great networking event. Very well organized and informative. I highly recommend others to attend future meetings.    Miguel Gutierrez

From October’s Event:

Thanks to the panelists Michelle Baptiste, Susan O’Connor and Cheryl Piazza for sharing some very practical and helpful information on recruiting. I look forward to the November meeting.  Trish  Nuccio hashtagnetworkingevent hashtagrecruitment.  

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